Skin Care Trends of 2017

A clear, healthy skin is something we all desire, and the beauty industry seems to have truckloads of new products flooding the market every day. Are you aware of skincare trends this year? If not, check out these trends to help you get the ideal skin.

Probiotic Skincare

Good for your gut and your glow, probiotics, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, are now in beauty products. You’ll find it now in several cleansers and masks, especially in those battling acne and aging.

Want Kale in Your Face Cream?

Superfoods are quite common in skin care regimens today. Whether it is kale, kelp, algae, noni, goji or acai, some of your super healthy foods are ending up in your skincare products. The properties which make them an essential part of your morning smoothie are also what make them suitable for your topical needs too. Which brings us to…

Eat Your Beauty

…the vice verse of this equation! As more and more people recognize the relationship between what you put into your body and what shows on the outside, ingestible beauty products will only grow with time. Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust and Fountain’s Glow Molecule are just two of the most notable on the market this year that some people are praising to the skies.

Ayurvedic Beauty Hits the Main Stream

Get ready for words like vata, pitta, and kapha as Ayurvedic beauty finally gets its day. Using ancient rituals and ingredients based on your needs, Ayurvedic skincare nourishes the skin both inside and outside with its topical and ingestible products designed to detoxify and balance your dosha (that’s Ayurvedic for constitution).


Masks today have gone far beyond Queen Helene’s Mint Julep mask you used to get at the store for $3.49. This year’s masks are more diverse than ever before. K-beauty ushered in the layered mask (where you use multiple masks at once) and sheet masks which celebrities love to pop on during a long flight to keep their skin glowing. With an array of ingredients including charcoal, green tea, clay, caffeine, snail slime, donkey’s milk, algae and even pig collagen, these masks can go a long way baby!

Face (And Body) Brushing

Another trend, also imported from Asia, is face brushing. It claims to improve texture, reduce the appearance of lines and cellulite, and exfoliate the skin on your face gently. When doing brushing, be sure to use a gentler brush for delicate facial skin than you would on the rest of the body.